The Royal Fashion of Spanish and Portuguese Baby Clothes

Spain and Portugal are famous for, among other things, their chic, elegant baby clothes. Made with the perfect fabrics that are kind to sensitive skin, such as merino wools and soft cotton, these luxurious Spanish style baby clothes have become increasingly popular with us Brits.

One reason why the popularity of Spanish and Portuguese baby clothes is on the rise, is the media attention they have received as a result of them being worn by the British royal children. The ‘Kate’ effect has seen a significant rise in sales of any outfit worn in public by Kate and similarly, the ‘Prince effect’ or ‘Princess effect’ has seen the young royals being viewed by many Britons as young fashion icons who many look to for style inspiration.

Take our beautiful floral Spanish-inspired cotton dress for baby girls. Hosting the Spanish style of delicate collars, intricate embroidery and a gently feminine print- all tailored from fabrics that are of a high quality and which won’t irritate your baby’s skin. It’s easy to see why Portuguese and Spanish baby clothes are so popular with items like this hitting every spot you want and need in baby clothes- as well as why one of the best-dressed women of this century would be interested in these designs.

Prince William and Kate’s Spanish nanny, Maria Turion Borrallo, is said to be a key influencer of the royal family’s love for Spanish and Portuguese design. Their nanny had gifted the royal family a cream knitted bonnet of Spanish design- not unlike the bonnet seen in our Pink Pique Lace Dress and Bonnet set (below)- which was worn by the new-born Princess Charlotte when Kate, appeared outside the Lindo Wing just after Charlotte’s birth.

Since then, Kate has often chosen to dress all three of her children in traditional Spanish style clothing from independent Spanish retailers like Sienna’s Spanish Baby, and outings in these pieces of clothing have caused Spanish baby clothes frenzies, with British parents rushing to dress their children exactly like the royals.

Indeed, all three kids are often seen in chic, high-quality pieces that incorporate modern elements. Charlotte, for example, is typically seen in a traditional style dress which often has short, puffed sleeves and a collar, matching cardigan, shoes, bow and tights. Meanwhile, George is often spotted in a smart short sleeve shirt and shorts with a Spanish edge, not unlike our white shirt and navy shorts set for baby boys (below).


We love the traditional, elegant style of the royal children’s clothes and the high-quality fabrics, traditional styles and colours that these independent Spanish and Portuguese brands offer. For any parent searching for children’s clothing worthy of royalty, independent Spanish retailers seem to be the place to look.

Sienna’s Spanish Baby offers a range of beautiful, traditional Spanish style baby clothes in keeping with what Kate might dress the royal children in. Any parent wanting to dress their children like the royal children, in high-quality fabrics and elegant styles, will love the unique Spanish, and Portuguese designer baby clothes that we at Sienna’s Spanish Baby have to offer.

Of course, for many it’s all about being able to add hints of Spanish and Portuguese accents to their baby clothes and that’s why we’ve invested in the best Spanish baby accessories that the current fashion has to offer. Take our set of Diamanté Bow Headbands, for example, which offer a touch of that desired Spanish style clothing without being too garish for those stepping in the world of Spanish and Portuguese fashion for the first time.

Our current Spring/Summer collection offers a wide range of stunning designs that cannot be found in any regular high street shop and is a must-have for parents wanting their children to be well dressed in chic and unique high-fashion pieces. We know you’ll love our latest designs and we’re always happy to hear more about what you’d like to see in our next range, so feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think!



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